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The Body of Christ and the Public Square understands the phrase "separation of Church and State" can be interpreted in two fundamental ways. The first is according to the philosophy of separationism, which insists that America's form of constitutional governance does not permit religious influence because to do so would be to become vulnerable to an array of ideological impositions, ultimately causing an imbalance. The second is according to the accommodationist philosophy, which asserts that the Founding Fathers believed that the government and religion were innately compatible and, together, were seen as necessary for maintaining societal order, morality, and community, ultimately serving a nation's stability, prosperity, and longevity. 

The Body of Christ and the Public Square subscribes to the accommodationist view, namely, Martin Luther's teachings on the Theology of the Two Kingdoms, which no small number of America's Founding Fathers considered to be the clearest exposition concerning the fundamentals of the Church and State relationship. 

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